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Sources “O Canada – who for a lost democracy” video

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http://EOL.JSC.NASA.GOV rotate_640.mpg Mining_Canada’s_Oil_Sands.ogv

canada_rel97.jpg Courtesy of the University of Texas Libraries, The University of Texas at Austin

Canada Geese:

Flag images: PUBLIC DOMAIN DEDICATION [CreativeCommonsPublicDomain.html] flags-1.6.tgz

Communities near mountaintop removal coal mines suffer a number of health problems, including higher rates of birth defects. (Photo: Silvia Alba, Flickr Creative Commons 

Vimeo version:  coal-Mining.jpg [Photo courtesy Garth Lenz, iLCP Flathead RAVE]




Nanaimo Port Business Busy_mpeg2video.mpg [canada_protest.jpg] []

light house gov info:






“Use of these images is a copy of an official work that is published by the Government of Canada and that the reproduction has not been produced in affiliation with, or with the endorsement of the Government of Canada.” [Harvesting Practices in Canada’s Boreal Forest] [Into The Fire – Official Trailer ] g20 film trailer [brandon jourdan Toronto Police Attack Peaceful Protesters and Journalists at G20 Protests vimeo.mp4]

Thanks to everyone who contributed images and shared the video, especially Laila Yuile who continues the Enbridge conversation that big money tried to stop.


Democracy is coming to the USA

Canada’s ‘Secret’ report – elevated impacts on climate from Alberta’s tar sand development

According to an Environment Canada document, it’s estimated that the annual greenhouse gas emissions from tar sands would rise nearly ten-fold from 1990 to 2020. The estimated annual footprint of 90 million tonnes of Tar Sand Co2 in 2020 – would exceed the carbon footprint of all cars and SUVs on Canadian roads in 2008.

Prepared last spring by Environment Canada this “secret” presentation warned of collateral tar sand damage on land, air, water and the climate… Western Canada faces a steep economic and ecological price tag for failing to crack down on the tar sand industry. Read more here:

Watch a short cartoon on the “Tipping Point”

Wake Up, Freak Out – then Get a Grip on Vimeo.